Uganda: The Most Impressive Destination for Birding & Gorilla Trekking

gorilla trekking in Uganda

Uganda, nicknamed the ‘Pearl of Africa’ for its breathtaking natural beauty, is a country brimming with potential in East Africa. From Lake Victoria, the captivating source of the White Nile, to the snow-capped Rwenzori Range and the lush forests of the Virunga volcanoes, home to the endangered mountain gorillas, Uganda offers stunning natural landscapes. Uganda offers a remarkable variety of landscapes.

Uganda is an extraordinary birding destination in East Africa that captivates birders from around the world with its outstanding birding sites, unmatched avian diversity, exceptional wildlife sightings, dedication to training guides, and top-tier infrastructure for birding expeditions. This country is a treasure trove for bird enthusiasts in search of unique and coveted bird and gorilla species.

With its awe-inspiring Murchison Falls and vast savannas, the country showcases a remarkable contrast. Uganda is home to an exceptional diversity of habitats, supporting over 1,100 bird species and providing opportunities to see highly sought-after birds like the Shoebill, Grey Crowned Crane, and the stunning endemic species at the Albertine Rift Valley. Despite its relatively small size, comparable to Great Britain or Oregon, Uganda stands as one of Africa’s richest destinations for birding, hosting a remarkable array of birds and wildlife.

At the heart of Uganda’s birding appeal lies in Bwindi Forest. It is a true gem as the leading birding species spotted here.  This pristine rainforest is not only home to over 360 bird species but also shelters the largest population of endangered Mountain Gorillas. All such things club together to make it a truly exceptional destination for birders.

Uganda Tours and Safaris

With thriving populations of over half the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas and more Chimpanzees than anywhere else in Africa, birding excursions in Uganda offer memorable encounters with these remarkable primates. Budongo Forest and Kibale Forest, in particular, allow visitors to witness the playful antics and complex social dynamics of their celebrated chimpanzee communities.

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